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Barbara Obermeier , “Photoshop CS4 All-in-One For Dummies”
For Dummies | 2008 | ISBN: 047032726X | 720 pages | PDF | 30 MB

Your one-stop Photoshop reference, filled with the latest tips and techniques

There’s a reason why Photoshop is the industry standard for image-editing software. But it’s also that big, Photoshop has so many facets and features that a handy one-stop guide is exactly what you need. And you’ll love the “Putting It Together” exercises that give you hands-on experience – in rich, full color!
Learn the parts — the desktop, menus, panels, and key tools, and how to use Adobe Bridge
Make your selection — learn about each of the selection tools plus the powerful Pen tool and Paths panel
Brush up — on the Brush and Pencil tools and how to create vector shapes, create and edit type, and put type on a path
Restore and retouch — correct and enhance color, improve contrast, and use the Clone Stamp and Healing tools to fix flaws and damage
Print it — learn how to get the right resolution, image mode, and file format, and prepare your work for printing

Open the book and find:
How to crop images and increase their canvas size
Tips for creating gradients and patterns
Advice on resizing images
How to composite images with layers and blending modes
Filter techniques to correct or alter images
How the Vanishing Point feature makes editing easier
Steps for making adjustments with levels and curves
How to create contact sheets


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Michael O’Dea, “Repost: HackNotes Windows Security Portable Reference”
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media | 30 November 1999 | ISBN: 0072227850 | PDF | 289 pages | 3 Mb

Text provides a reference on securing Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP system, and Windows Server 2003. Shows how hackers find, probe, and compromise Windows systems; and how to use freeware and built-in Windows security tools.

HackNotes Windows Security Portable Reference gives you step-by-step details of intrusion tactics, tools, and actual techniques used by criminals to break into computer networks. Understand how the attacks work, then learn how to access and strengthen your Windows systems through a series of tested and trusted anti-hacking methods, bulletproof best practices, and system-level techniques. Use the unique Reference Center in the middle of the book to access key information, including common port numbers, system commands, reference links, the top security assessment and hacker tools, and more.

* Build secure environments using Windows upgrades, tools, and techniques
* Keep systems up-to-date and well patched
* Identify what to protect and guard against by learning hacking techniques
* Block initial entry and limit hacker handholds
* Deploy internal IP Security solutions with ease
* Use Encrypting File System for transparent storage security
* Learn best practices for defending both internal and Internet-facing Windows systems
* Secure IIS installations
* Keep unauthorized parties from accessing sensitive data
* Secure Windows desktops, servers, or entire Active Directory domains
* Review usage and security innovations of Windows Server 2003

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Nah, hasil pencarian buku untuk keamanan jaringan, akhirnya dapet juga… Silahkan di unduh aja bagi yang pengen.
Computer Network Security: Fourth International Conference on Mathematical Methods,
Models and Architectures for Computer Network Security, MMM-ACNS … in Computer and Information Science)

Pages: 416 | PDF | Springer-Verlag Gmbh; Auflage: 1 | ISBN: 3540739858 | 6 MB

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Mathematical Methods, Models, and Architectures for Computer Network Security, MMM-ACNS 2007, held in St. Petersburg, Russia in September 2007. The First, Second and Third International Workshops – Mathematical Methods, Models and Architectures for Computer Networks Security – demonstrated the high interest of the international scientific community to the theoretical aspects of the computer network and information security and the need for conducting of such workshops as on-going series.The proposed MMM-ACNS 2007 conference is intended as a next step in this series and will be focused on theoretical problems in the area under consideration. Its objectives are to bring together leading researchers from academia and governmental organizations as well as practitioners in the area of computer networks and information security, facilitating personal interactions and discussions on various aspects of information technologies in conjunction with computer network and information security problems arising in large-scale computer networks engaged in information storing, transmitting, and processing.


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Jika anda seorang civil engineer, atau mahasiswa jurusan teknik sipil. Ada baiknya membaca buku ini. Lumayan menarik. Silahkan Download deh..
Lawrence C. Bank, “Composites for Construction: Structural Design with FRP Materials”
Wiley | 2006-07-21 | ISBN: 0471681261 | 560 pages | PDF | 70,3 MB

The first textbook on the design of FRP for structural engineering applications

Composites for Construction is a one-of-a-kind guide to understanding fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP) and designing and retrofitting structures with FRP. Written and organized like traditional textbooks on steel, concrete, and wood design, it demystifies FRP composites and demonstrates how both new and retrofit construction projects can especially benefit from these materials, such as offshore and waterfront structures, bridges, parking garages, cooling towers, and industrial buildings.

The code-based design guidelines featured in this book allow for demonstrated applications to immediately be implemented in the real world. Covered codes and design guidelines include ACI 440, ASCE Structural Plastics Design Manual, EUROCOMP Design Code, AASHTO Specifications, and manufacturer-published design guides. Procedures are provided to the structural designer on how to use this combination of code-like documents to design with FRP profiles.

In four convenient sections, Composites for Construction covers:
* An introduction to FRP applications, products and properties, and to the methods of obtaining the characteristic properties of FRP materials for use in structural design
* The design of concrete structural members reinforced with FRP reinforcing bars
* Design of FRP strengthening systems such as strips, sheets, and fabrics for upgrading the strength and ductility of reinforced concrete structural members
* The design of trusses and frames made entirely of FRP structural profiles produced by the pultrusion process

Download Links:

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Tahukah anda apa itu SolidWorks? Solidwork merupakan salah satu software engineering yang banyak digunakan untuk aplikasi pembuatan rancang desain dalam bentuk 3D. Solidwork ini merupakan pesaing Autodesk Inventor.
Ingin belajar dan mengetahui lebih banyak tentang SolidWork, Silahkan download bukunya.
Buku ini di dapat setelah hunting di server file sharing. Selamat Mendownload.
Matt Lombard “SolidWorks 2007 Bible”
Wiley | 2007-04-30 | ISBN: 0470080132 | 1104 pages | PDF | 31,8 MB

“The most complete resource for SolidWorks on the market. Matt Lombard’s in-depth knowledge plus his snappy wit and wisdom make SolidWorks accessible to users at all levels.”
— Mike Sabocheck, Territory Technical Manager, SolidWorks Corporation
The most comprehensive single reference on SolidWorks
Whether you’re a new, intermediate, or professional user, you’ll find the in-depth coverage you need to succeed with SolidWorks 2007 in this comprehensive reference. From customizing the interface to exploring best practices to reinforcing your knowledge with step-by-step tutorials, the techniques and shortcuts in this detailed book will help you accomplish tasks, avoid the time-consuming pitfalls of parametric design, and get a firm handle on one of the leading 3D CAD programs on the market.
* Customize the user interface and connect hotkeys to macros
*Create sketches, parts, assemblies, and drawings
*Build intelligence into parts
*Work with patterns, equations, and configurations
*Learn multibody, surface, and master model techniques
*Write, record, and edit Visual Basic(r) macros
Design with advanced 3D features

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Lloyd Dingle, Mike Tooley ” Aircraft Engineering Principles”
Butterworth-Heinemann | 2005-01-13 | ISBN: 075065015X | 640 pages | PDF | 13,1 MB

Bagi anda yang berminat mendalami engineering untuk pesawat terbang, ada baiknya download buku ini.

Aircraft Engineering Principles is the essential text for anyone studying for licensed A&P or Aircraft Maintenance Engineer status. The book is written to meet the requirements of JAR-66/ECAR-66, the Joint Aviation Requirement (to be replaced by European Civil Aviation Regulation) for all aircraft engineers within Europe, which is also being continuously harmonised with Federal Aviation Administation requirements in the USA.
The book covers modules 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8 of JAR-66/ECAR-66 in full and to a depth appropriate for Aircraft Maintenance Certifying Technicians, and will also be a valuabe reference for those taking ab initio programmes in JAR-147/ECAR-147 and FAR-147. In addition, the necessary mathematics, aerodynamics and electrical principles have been included to meet the requirements of introductory Aerospace Engineering courses. Numerous written and multiple choice questions are provided at the end of each chapter, to aid learning.
* Delivers the essential principles and knowledge base required by Airframe and Propulsion (A&P) Mechanics for JAR-66/ECAR-66 and the associated Federal Aviation Administration qualifications
* Ideal for both independent and tutor-assisted study
* Comprehensive and accessible, with self-test questions, exercises and multiple choice questions to enhance learning

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Robert A. Corbitt “Standard Handbook of Environmental Engineering, 2nd Edition”
Published by McGraw-Hill Professional | November 1998 | ISBN: 0070131600 | PDF Format, 1248 pages | English | 10.9 MB

The most thorough working guide to environmental engineering ever put together, this new edition of Standard Handbook of Environmental Engineering updates you on the latest tools, techniques, and regulations in the field.
You get indispensable guidance on every aspect of the profession from leading experts, from an introduction to practices to specific air, water, and waste treatment and handling methods. Inside this book you’ll find stepwise guidance to help you provide services from project management to value engineering, plus help with every aspect of air, water, and waste management. With hundreds of useful tables and charts, and convenient access to all the day-to-day technical, professional, and regulatory information you need, Standard Handbook of Environmental Engineering is an essential reference and your one-stop source for professional guidance.

With contributions from leading authorities, and convenient access to all the day-to-day technical, professional, and regulatory information you need, Standard Handbook of Environmental Engineering is an essential reference–a one-stop source you’ll reach for again and again.

Download Link :

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